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Safety Equipment

We offer a wide range of safety equipment for industrial, marine, oil & gas industry. All safety equipments are of high quality performance standards and specifications, complying with the Safety Equipments Institute and local authority standards. Feel free to contact us for more details with no obligation.

Safety Glasses Safety Goggles
Safety spectacles - excellent in grinding, milling, laboratory work and general industry condition Safety Goggles - clears polycarbonate lens. Approved to Australian Standards AS 1337-L755



Full Face Mask Gas Filter
Full Facemask - wide visibility, made of moulded polycarbonate. A single solvent and shockproof moulding, holding two exhalation valves, the inhalation valve and the speech device. Gas Filter - divided into types A, B, E, K according to the group of substances. They are designed to protest from and are according to the authority EN 141 standards.



Breath Apparatus
The RN MK2 are self contained compressed bin to used in case of oxygen deficiency or in highly contaminated environment. It is also suitable for routine interventions in chemical plants and to evacuate premises wherever the staff may be exposed to dangerous toxics.



Fire Blanket Fire Fighting Suit



Firemen's Helmet Firemen's Leather Boots



Large Rescue Axes



Firemen Insulated Axe
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